For mining companies:
Our general Consulting services include:
  • Development of independent non-bank research reports for stock exchange listed companies as well as “Pre-IPO Research studies” for unlisted companies in both German and English;
  • Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH also produces and disseminates individual advertorial news articles / research notes as well as interviews with the company representives.
  • Distribution of these research reports or “write-up articles” via third parties, our network and our websites, e.g. online media and institutional outlets and portals such as Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Researchpool and FactSet;
  • News & Press release translation and distribution;
  • Translation of your Corporate documents such as Factsheets or company presentation;


 Our European & International Public Awareness campaigns include:
  • We create large scale investor awareness campaigns and connect your company directly to a large, focused community of institutional and retail investors as well as media representatives.
  • Another high-visibility awareness promotion is an editorially managed „write-up article / Research note“ or an interview with management focused on most important facts about your mining flagship project and/or you company in general.
  • Working out of company specific arguments against the peer group;
  • Q&A interviews with management and Distribution;
  • Interviews and TV spots with external partners;
  • Arranging contacts to external partners who carry out roadshows (for example in Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva and Zurich);
  • Planning and conduct of complex Public Awareness campaigns to increase the visibility at existing and potentially new shareholders;
  • Strategic media placement: We help to identity the right media channels for your needs;
  • Developing of comprehensive strategies to increase the visibility among media representatives;
  • “Power Awareness packages” to increase Popularity: This could include a targeted e-mail blast campaigns to tens of thousands of capital market participants;
  • We support your company in planning and attending at investment conferences (in Germany);


About our research reports:
  • We generate high quality, unbiased bank independent research reports, available in English and German to support international investor relation campaigns;
  • We generate bank independent “Pre-IPO-research reports”;
  • The research reports are distributed via third parties, our network. Thus, our content reaches a steadily growing number of international and retail investors;
  • Hand-out prints to existing and potential new investors during road shows;
  • Hand-out reports at mining conferences at your booth;
  • Inform the shareholders in your database;
  • Our research reports outline the unique selling points of your company with regard to major mining projects. We use different valuation approaches such as DCF, peer group comparisons in our full research reports;
  • Some investors do need an independent reliable third party assessment before investing – our research boutique has been registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) for several years;
  • Our research is systematically made known to the global financial and media community through the sending of press releases and specific articles on financial portals and social media networks;
  • Monitoring of media outlets on which our content and research have been published. Results will be compiled for our clients in a summary report;


Electronic distribution and availability of our research reports and content to major institutional platforms and a various retail investor outlets:
For institutional capital market participants:
  • We develop bank independent equity research on exchange-listed Micro Cap, Small Cap, Mid Cap companies.
  • We develop bank independent „Pre-IPO“ research.
  • We support you in identifying and evaluating attractive, undervalued companies from the natural resources industry. Our valuation system is based on fundamental indicators / ratios and was developed with the aim of becoming aware of undervalued stocks.
  • We will support you as an external consultant or partner in your project requirements within the commodities sector e.g. the set-up, support and fund advisory of a mutual fund, building a strategic stock selection process, refining your risk management systems, etc.